Get Skills to Work Event Overview - October 15, 2012

Video Transcript

[music playing] [On October 15, 2012 the Get Skills to Work initiative was launched by GE and partners to make the future brighter for our nation's veterans.]

Rebecca Edwards | Director of Employee Communications | GE

[attendees are shown in conversation] The Get Skills to Work coalition is aimed at transitioning veterans who are coming from active duty service into jobs in the civilian workforce, particularly in advanced manufacturing.

Victor Marquez | Vice President and General Manager | Alcoa

[displays of GE advanced manufacturing products shown] These veterans have been under stressful conditions. They have leadership skills. They have great technical skills. We've just got to make sure that we can translate those from the military over to the corporate world. The corporate world doesn't know exactly what these veterans do day in and day out.

Tom Brokaw | NBC News

[Tom Brokaw seated with panel members; attendees listening] I know the story of a young captain who was getting out. He applied for a job with a big financial institution, and the HR officer looked at his resume and said, "I don't see much experience here." He said, "I don't know. I took a platoon into a half a dozen cities in Afghanistan. I worked with the political leadership to get some organization going again. We restored the sanitation and the water system for them. It should count for something." [laughter]

Rebecca Edwards | Director of Employee Communications | GE

[attendees in conversation] They have intangible skills like values. They are mission-driven. They have leadership skills. They are also able to be led.

Scott Williams | Senior Marketing Manager | GE Rotorcraft Marketing

[attendees with product displays] You have to work as one to go out and get a task done and the same holds true at GE. Regardless of the hierarchy of the leadership, we work very closely together. It's almost like a family.

Jeff Immelt | Chief Executive Officer | GE

[Jeff Immelt at podium; attendees viewing GE products demonstrations] Translation, training, empowerment, and hands-on manufacturing skills, those are the four pieces that the four of us and the consortium partners are offering as we stand here today.

Jim Newton | Founder and Chairman | Techshop

[product displays] I'm really excited to be working with GE, bringing a thousand vets memberships and classes at Techshop so they can come in and learn new skills in advanced manufacturing techniques.

James Sears, Ph.D. | Senior Manufacturing Manager | GE Global Research Center

[attendees viewing product displays] A lot of these veterans, they get indoctrinated in electronics and they know how to handle data. All we're doing is handling data in a different way.

Gary Sinise | The Gary Sinise Foundation

[Gary Sinise seated with panel members] At my foundation, we kind of remind ourselves every day of the quote by Calvin Coolidge, "The nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten."

Rebecca Edwards | Director of Employee Communications | GE

[attendees leaving panel session] We will be able to transition about 15,000 service men and women to the civilian workforce. Our aspiration, however, is to do much more.

[music playing]

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