Bridging the Advanced Manufacturing Skills Gap Starting with Veterans

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[Text: Bridging the Advanced Manufacturing Skills Gap Starting with Veterans]

Narrator: There is a high demand for people to fill advanced manufacturing jobs in the U.S.
[Text: 600,000 US manufacturing jobs without skilled workers to fill them]
[Text: 2.6 million workers to retire in the next decade]
[Text: Nearly 1 million vets are unemployed]
[Text: 1 million men and women returning from service over the next five years]

Narrator: There are also a lot of highly skilled veterans exiting the armed forces and looking for civilian careers. How can we help these highly skilled people transition into the civilian workforce? GE and other advanced manufacturing partners offer a variety of resources to help veterans make this transition and find a career that is right for them.

The first stop for veterans looking to put the skills they learned in the military to work in civilian jobs is where they can access a military occupation specialty skills translator online. That translator helps veterans and employers determine if those veterans are ready to jump right into the workforce or if they will need more specialized training. Those ready to get started can create a digital badge highlighting their specific skill in advanced manufacturing. To increase the reach of these badges, veterans can share them on LinkedIn to alert companies looking for employees with that specific skill set. GE will also have an advanced manufacturing job hosting drive on LinkedIn. All of this puts that veteran in a good position to find the role that is best suited for his or her skills and abilities.

Of course, not every veteran is ready to jump right into the workforce. For these veterans, they will not only have the skills but they will have the necessary industry certification to help them bridge the advanced manufacturing skills gap, and that can help pave the way for an apprenticeship or even placement in a skilled manufacturing job.

Together with other manufacturers, educators and digital leaders, we can help prepare and place veterans in the jobs needed to power advanced manufacturing in the U.S. Visit to find out more.

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